Alfa Romeo GTV Bertone


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The GT 1300 Junior was a model from the 105/115 series (1963-1977) of Alfa Romeo and was one of the successors of the popular Giulietta Sprint coupé. The body was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro of the famous Bertone firm. The result was a very innovative design for its time, many items of which were copied by the competition. All models in the series were Gran Turismo (GT) coupes. The 105/115 series can be roughly divided into two categories: the sportiest GT and GTV (V for Veloce) models and the GT Junior range.

The Giulia GT Sprint was the first model in the GT class in 1963. Via the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce (1965) and the 1750 GTV (1968), it evolved into the 2000 GTV (1972-1976). The engine's capacity increased accordingly: from 1570 cc via 1779 cc to 1962 cc. The 2000 GTV's engine produced 130 horsepower at 5500 rpm. A striking change to the interior, compared to its predecessor, was the layout of the dashboard. In terms of appearance, the 2000 GTV could be recognized by the smaller hubcaps with raised wheel nuts. In addition, the Alfa Romeo logo is no longer on top of the grill but is incorporated in it. When production of the 2000 GTV ended in 1976, nearly 37,500 units had been built.