Peugeot 404


The 404 was presented on May 11, 1960. It turned out to be a very successful model and its durability was second to none. This was also reflected in the sporting successes: the 404 took victory in the East African Safari Rally in three consecutive years (1966, 1967 and 1968), after this victory had already been achieved in 1963. Many 404s were also used as taxis.
The last versions of the 404 were still sold in 1988, although they were not produced in France, but in Nigeria.

The 404 appeared in several variants. In addition to the sedan (the four-door version), a convertible appeared in 1961 and a coupe again a year later. A family (seven persons), a break (Commerciale, Familiale and Break Super Luxe) and a pick-up version (Camionnette and Fourgonnette) were also produced.

The 404 was not only produced in France. Assembly also took place in Belgium (Mechelen), Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Nigeria and South Africa. The millionth 404 came off the line in June 1967. From 1963 to 1968, an average of 200,000 copies were sold per year. In the end, of the 404, 2,885,374 units were sold, of which 1,847,568 were produced in France as a complete car.

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